Company Profile

Protocol Security Services is a consultancy firm which specialises in private investigation and associated surveillance assignments, providing a comprehensive consultancy service to the legal, insurance, financial and corporate sectors nationally and internationally. The company also provides risk management solutions for the public and private sectors in Ireland.

Protocol Security Services was founded in 1992 and since then the firm's reputation in terms of quality, discretion, reliability and professional attitude has become well known. For the last 17 years Protocol Security Services has acquired very valuable experience in Insurance Fraud Investigations. We have gained a well earned reputation for aggressively pursuing results in the most difficult of circumstances, bringing many fraudulent claims investigations to satisfactory conclusions for our clients in Irish and International Courts. We are the leaders in the field of this type of investigation.

Our experience is also of great benefit to leading companies who need our input into their Risk Management Solutions. The corporate sector often faces difficulties either through fraud or theft which can be either internal or external, and Protocol Security Services can help to implement proactive measures to secure the assets of a company. Fraud or theft can be as simple as an employee being continually absent from work and abusing sick leave privileges, to acquire a more sophisticated dimension, such as a member of the company selling information or product to a competitor. These types of theft and fraud can seriously damage a company and if left unresolved it becomes an increasing drain on company resources. Protocol Security Services can quickly bring about results by tackling fraud in the workplace or by preventing these problems in the first place.

We can identify weaknesses in security and prevent losses in production. We can assist in Anti-Fraud Programs. We can prevent problems occurring by carrying Due Diligence or Background Enquiries and investigate matters that arise in the company which are identified as causing losses. Protocol Security Services is committed to providing innovative and effective risk management solutions to our clients.

The firm is managed by Mr. Mark Blackwell, a former military specialist, closely assisted by Ms. Elaine Ward (Business BSc) with ample expertise in data mining and business intelligence matters . The company's head office is connected to a network of associates all over Ireland that allows the provision of a reliable service countrywide.

Protocol Security provides high quality investigation reports accompanied by photographic, video or soundtrack evidence which represent strong negotiating weapons for court disputes and settlements.